Canteen Day Celebration Essay Contest

Enter the MLK Advancing The Dream Essay Writing Competition

You could win $500, $750 or $1,000!

The 2018 MLK Essay Contest is open to high school seniors attending Arlington schools or residing within the Arlington city limits. Scholarships to help defray the cost of college tuition and books will be awarded to the winning first, second and third place essay writers.

First Place – $1,000 Scholarship
Second Place – $750 Scholarship
Third Place – $500 Scholarship

Our Theme

“Continuing The Dream:  Moving Toward Unity, Justice and Peace”

How To Enter

Please mail all entries to:
Arlington MLK Committee
P.O. Box 1921
Arlington, TX 76004-1921

  • Must be a High School Senior enrolled in an Arlington school or residing within the city limits of Arlington. This includes private and charter schools in Arlington.
  • One essay per student. Essays must be original, typed, double-spaced, and must not exceed 1,500 words.
  • Cover sheet must contain student’s name, school, home phone number, address and email address. None of this information should be included in the body of the essay.
  • E-mail essay as a Microsoft Word document attachment to
  • Essays will be judged on the basis of organization, content, voice, creativity, grammatical structure and overall conformity to the celebration theme.

Contest Rules

Entries will be judged in December 2017. Winners will be formally recognized at the Arlington Martin Luther King Jr. Advancing the Dream Awards Banquet on Friday, Jan. 12, 2018 and throughout
the four-day celebration weekend.

For more information about the MLK Essay Competition: or 817-459-5384 or 817-832-3470.Download the contest flyer, click here.  
If you would like to help us advertise our 3rd Writing Contest, please print the document below:
Please join us in celebrating the Third National Celebration of Spanglish Day Creative Writing Contest.

• Validate and celebrate translanguaging as the most natural process in human communication.
• Celebrate what we all know, that we as bilinguals are not two separate monolinguals in one; our multiple languages interact with each other in innovative and always new ways in the creation of our hybrid identity.
• Educate our students, colleagues and community members about why we speak the way we speak.  

While National Spanglish Day occurs on October 1st, in order to encourage and facilitate the broadest possible participation, submissions are accepted until December 1, 2017

The Creative Writing Contest Awards will be held at the 5th National Symposium of Spanish as a Heritage Language at the University of Iowa, April 5th-7th of 2018. In addition to the awards (which can be accepted in person, or by Skyping into the event), all finalists will be published in a special section of Hispanic Cultural Experience 

• Each local organizer (university or high school teacher/administrator) sends a campus wide or even community wide call for submissions in Spanglish. The submissions can include short stories, poems and essays about thoughts and experiences regarding living between languages. All literary works must be no more than 500 to 2,500 words.
• Each local organizer (teacher or administrator at the university or high school in question) then chooses one finalist piece to send to the contest committee. The committee then selects a winner and two honorable mentions in each category (one for high school and one for university-level entries).

• The finalists and winners also receive a certificate of recognition for their participation.
There will be separate awards for both high school and college-level participants from participating institutions across the United States in three categories: poem, essay and short story.
To learn more about our previous contests and winners click below:


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