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People are considered famous most usually when a large portion of any given population can recognize them at a glance. There are many levels of fame as well, someone may be famous in their town or village, or world wide, it all depends on the situation. Most famous people may not have their biographies written, so you may not be fortunate to hear about them all.

Descriptive essays do a good job of conveying the ideas behind a particular scene or person, as in the case with famous people. To write them well requires practice and a certain level of skill, skills that can be acquired through many ways. The easiest way to learn for many people is by using examples and in the following short points, I will point you to several places where good descriptive essay examples can be acquired:

  • Online forums
  • These sites are nothing more than blank pages that give persons the ability to leave their comments, remarks and questions on various topics. Despite their seemingly disorganized nature, these sites have proven quite helpful to many people, around the world, with varying questions. Use a search engine to find forums dealing with famous people, you should be able to acquire a well done sample before too long.

  • A private tutor
  • Private tutors have many academic materials in their possession, or if they don’t, most would be able to source the information that you need. Contact any reputable private tutor, you should be able to acquire a sample from them without too much trouble.

  • Published works
  • There are many published pieces in the world, each dealing with a different topic. By viewing a large collection of published pieces, you should be able to find a paper that suits your needs, with a little searching.

  • Magazines
  • There are many magazine that focus solely on covering the lives of famous people and these can usually be easily acquired. By browsing through the sections, you will be able to find many stories covering the lives of famous people. With good referencing, you could easily make use of these samples to meet your needs.

  • Libraries
  • Libraries collect all forms of written materials and keep them in storage, for access by their patrons. Ask the librarian to help you find pieces dealing with famous people, quite likely, they will already have an entire section dealing with these subjects.


    Are famous people treated unfairly by the media? Should they be given more privacy, or is the price of their fame an invasion into their private lives?

    Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 300-word essay.

    Are Famous People Treated Unfairly By The Media?

    Model Answer

    It is an indisputable fact that media plays a vital role in our lives today without exception. However, there are two kinds of groups that have been formed when we talk about whether or not the media mistreats famous people. Some believe that it is a gross invasion of their privacy while others reckon that their fame makes it a necessity and a prerogative of the media to pry into their personal lives. I, for one, believe that regardless of the stature of a person, the media has no right to maltreat the celebrities and famous people.

    We see news items every day in newspapers, social media platforms and news channels picking up everyday things from the lives of celebrities and taking them apart word by word. All their actions and deeds are dissected and analyzed to the bone. They are policed and criticized for their love lives, their professional lives and even if they step out of their homes poorly dressed. This is, in a way, a gross injustice to the very fundamental right of an individual to exist privately without any interference and prying on the part of the others.

    Conversely, there is also the good media that promotes the good work done by the famous people, be it in their careers or other philanthropic deeds done by them. The famous people also benefit from this good publicity as it helps them prosper and grow as individuals and professionals working in their respective fields. This way, the good media and the famous people can work in tandem to benefit from each other without any unjust behavior.

    Hence, we can say that it is important not to generalize. There is the good media and the bad media. While we should encourage the good media and publicity of the famous people, there is nothing that justifies prying into their lives and maltreating them in the process.


    Model Answer 2

    [submitted by Revti Agrawal]

    Should media give celebrities more personal space? This question is always a point of discussion. They have gained this fame because of fans and media’s initiative to bring achievements in front of the public. But, they are like ordinary people too, who have sentiments and need private space to enjoy it with their family and friends. It should always be considered that the media should not excessively interfere their personal life.

    Undoubtedly, media’s role to help those celebrities to gain popularity, cannot be overlooked. Perhaps, their achievements are brought to the public notice because of media’s effort.

    So far by saying that it can also not be forgotten that they have their personal life as well, which should not be disturbed at all. Secondly, this fame and name came to life because of their hard work and dedication as well as their family’s sacrifices and determinations.Overlooking those efforts is not fair from the point of celebrity’s view as Tv reporters’ contributions to bring this fame came later.

    Sometimes, over disturbances by the media may affect famous personalities’ performance negatively in their fields. They may not be able to give their hundred percent in their respective areas. Opposingly, media may also not be able to increase TRP of the related shows, which is one of the goals of the media.

    All in all, media should remember that famous personalities have their own life too, which should be respected and disturbance in their personal life may harm them professionally.

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