Thesis Statement For John F Kennedy Assassination

John F. Kennedy and the Civil Rights Movement Essay

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In 1960, John F. Kennedy was elected president of the United States. During his campaign he had promised to lead the country down the right path with the civil rights movement. This campaign promise had brought hope to many African-Americans throughout the nation. Ever since Lincoln, African-Americans have tended to side with the democrats and this election was no different. The Kennedy administration had noticed that the key to the presidency was partially the civil rights issue. While many citizens were on Kennedy’s side, he had his share of opposition. Malcolm X differed on the view of the President and observed that the civil rights movement wasn’t happening at the speed Kennedy had pledged. Malcolm X possessed other reasons for his…show more content…

For over a decade the FBI had been operating on its own and without the supervision from the Department of Justice and Kennedy decided to change that. Hoover needed someone to answer to and Robert Kennedy was just the person according to his brother John. John had appointed Robert to Attorney General. The Kennedys did have a good relationship with Hoover in the beginning, but some think that Hoover had been plotting against the administration. The FBI, or in another word, Hoover, felt that Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam remained a threat to national security and tried to get the Kennedy Administration to agree. At first the Department of Justice didn’t see the problem as imminent as Hoover proposed (Carson 27).

Malcolm X had been a very influential speaker in his day and delivered speeches to numerous crowds. His following overwhelmed the government and Hoover decided that the FBI should be documenting the actions of the Nation of Islam and especially its two leaders. Malcolm’s speeches talking about the “white devil” spurred concern in the Kennedy administration. Malcolm was against the white community but always denied being racist. Hoover couldn’t understand this and after hearing Malcolm say it plenty of times, he called Kennedy’s attention to it once again. From this time on Kennedy had kept tabs on him and felt that Malcolm was now a threat to the

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50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination: The Conspiracy Theories

Although John F. Kennedy was shot about half a century ago, there hasn’t been a conclusive answer as to who actually shot the president on that fateful November afternoon in 1963. While the official report released by the government claims that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president, not everyone seems to buy that. In fact, a recent poll by the Associated Press shows that 50% of Americans today believe that actually multiple shooters were involved and as a result, numerous conspiracy theories have emerged in regards to this matter. The top two conspiracy theories in the public domain that the JFK was shot actually assassinated by the CIA, the Mafia and even the Russians.

The first conspiracy theory claims that the CIA shot JFK. The Central Intelligence Agency is an organization that operates behind a shroud of secrecy. However, it is an open secret that bad blood developed between the CIA and the JFK administration following the botched Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April 1961 that led to the resignation of the then CIA Director Allen Dulles. The agency did not appreciate the president interring in its operations and additionally, was opposed to the idea of the president making peace with some of the hostile nations including Russia and Cuba


The second conspiracy theory claims that the JFK was assassinated by the Mafia. The connection between the Kennedy family and organized dates back to the 1920s during Prohibition. During that time, JFK’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy father is rumored to have been involved in bootlegging. What’s more, an article by the Los Angeles Times claims that Joseph Kennedy leveraged his Mafia connections to help his son beat Richard Nixon for the presidency in 1960. However, events in the political arena including the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy campaign against organized crime led to a falling out between the Kennedy family and the Mafia.


Half a century after the assassination of JFK, 50% of Americans still have doubts regarding the events that took place on Friday, November 22, 1963. As a result, conspiracy theories are rife regarding who shot JFK.


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