Nwabr Essay Contest For High School


Get Your Students Excited About the Life Sciences!

Open to all the middle school students in the Northwest region* –NO ENTRY FEE!


Help your students discover the personal relevance of the life sciences by examining ways they have each been personally impacted by biomedical research.


The results of biomedical science impact us all! They help us determine which treatments, drugs, and devices will be used in medical therapies, help us explain the basic principles of human biology, and, change and improve lives. Research paves the way for lifesaving treatments and cures that keep individuals and our community healthy. Each and every one of us has received the benefits of biomedical research in some way or the other- now is the time to research HOW!!

Students are asked to examine a medical therapy or treatment that a loved one, pet, or they themselves have received. Then, choose a category (Animal Research Helping Humans (ARHH), Animal Research Helping Animals (ARHA), Animal Research Helping Biomedical Technology (ARHBT) and Animal Research and Indigenous Knowledge (ARIK)), create either a 400-650 words essay, an original artwork poster, or a short youtube video highlighting their findings.

Entries must be submitted by March 15th, 2018!

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*ELIGIBILITY: Any 6th-8th grader in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho is encouraged to enter!  If your school class doesn't participate, Register Individually Here!

We are recruiting judges for the 2018 Middle School Contest! Please click here to volunteer as a judge.

We are pleased to continue our "Biomedical Breakthroughs and My Life" Middle School Contest in 2018!Thanks to the generosity of the Knossos Foundation for supporting this contest. 

Want to become a Middle School Contest Sponsor or Donor? Contact NWABR, at education@nwabr.org or 206-957-3337!

OUR 2017 WINNERS! to view a few winning entries , click here



our 2014 winners!

our 2013 winners! 

Would you like to be a mentor for the 2018 Expo?  This is the registration link:


The students enter the Expo in one of 16 Expo Categories - this can be  found under the Information for Student tab.

What is asked of an Expo Mentor?

1)   Initiate contact with your assigned Expo student

2)   Mentoring is similar to a coaching model – you ask questions, offer feedback and help the student meet school and Expo deadlines.

3)   The suggested time commitment is 4-6 hours from November to April (the Expo submission deadline)

4)   If you could offer your student a visit to your lab, company or institution – this is a big hit for a high school student!

x     FAQ’s: Teachers and students have registered – we currently have 310 students and 18 high school teachers from the greater Puget Sound.

2)    The Expo runs from Oct – May, with mentor-student matching taking place in November and ending      April 2018

3)    The Expo submission deadline is Sunday April 22,2018

4)    The Expo will be held on Friday May 18, 2018 at Shoreline Community College – save the date!

 Many thanks, Janis

Janis Wignall

Bio Expo Manager

Northwest Association of Biomedical Research

2633 Eastlake Ave East, Suite 302

Seattle, WA 98102



206-683-7131 (cell)


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