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31 PhotoShop Portfolio - (COMMON ASSESSMENT) ... Watch this video (wear headsets) to learn how to create a Photoshop Web Gallery (see sample below). The gallery will contain two frames. The left frame will have your full name, the date, and Photoshop - block 7 in the upper left corner. beneath this information, you will have a miniature image of each project completed during the quarter; in the larger right frame, each individual will load to display a larger version of each project. The portfolio is due January 24. Projects 4, 14, and 27 will not appear in the web portfolio.



Final Exam - the exam consists of two parts. Thefirst, is a self-scoring theory exam; the second is production based. You have worked hard this semester in our Photoshop course. As a reward, you are treating yourself to a vacation to the destination of your choice. Photoshop a picture of yourself into a picture from somewhere else. I.e. a picture of you in front of the Eiffel tower, a picture of you next to a pyramid in Egypt, etc. Make it look as if you belong in the picture- be aware of proportions! When you have it done, combine it with an image of a post card and add a witty line like "Mexico- Wish you were here!" Etc. Extra points will be given to postage stamps, wear and tear marks, etc. The finished project should be 75 DPI and saved in jpeg format.

The official theory exam will be posted here on the date scheduled for the final.

Photoshop CS5.1

Textbook Website

Getting Started With Photoshop: You are to create a series of folders in your documents folder on the Mac side of your computer. The format of the folders should be as follows:

My Documents



  1. Photoshop Lesson 1: Editing a Photoshop ImageAssignment for 8-22-17

  2. Photoshop Lesson 2: Using Selection ToolsAssignment for

  3. Photoshop Lesson 3: Using LayersAssignment for

  4. Photoshop Lesson 4: Drawing and Painting with ColorAssignment for

  5. Photoshop Lesson 5: Magazine Cover Assignment for

  6. Photoshop Lesson 6: Placing A Photo Inside Text TutorialAssignment for
    *Photo in Text - Use the letters T-A
    *You are to have a minimum of 4 photos, at least one picture has to have you in it.
    *Use the brush tool to place some fun shapes on your project
    *Put your name on it somewhere with a text layer
    *Be creative and have fun with it!
    *Save in your Photoshop or Bag-O-Tricks folder as photos_in_t-a_yourname

  7. Photoshop Lesson 7: Comic Book Assignment

  8. Photoshop Lesson 8: Ocean SceneAssignment for

  9. Photoshop Lesson 9: US Passport Photo

  10. Photoshop Lesson 10: Photoshop Christmas ProjectAssignment for
  11. Photoshop Lesson 11: Three Image Photo Frame TemplateAssignment for
    We will complete together.
    Save in your Photoshop folder as Yourname_3_image_photo2 -----------Assignment for
    Complete this assignment with another set of pictures, different from before!! Have fun with it!

  12. Photoshop Lesson 12: iME Silhouette ProjectPDF

  13. Photoshop Lesson 13: FBLA Poster DESE Workshop PDFAssignment for

  14. Photoshop Lesson 14: "Food for Thought" Collage Assignment Assignment for

  15. Photoshop Lesson 15: DUMMIES BOOK COVER PDFWebAssignment for

  16. Photoshop Lesson 16: Adding Texture to Skin PDFWebImageStone TextureAssignment for
    You are to complete:
    * PS Lesson 16 of you with a stone texture
    * A second photo of you with a stone texture of your own choice. It can be a texture with wording or shapes. It should be an obviously different pick. Go above and beyond and make your eyes funky looking.
    *Both of these assignments are due on Tuesday.

  17. Photoshop Lesson 17: Adding Color to an Image WebAssignment for

  18. Photoshop Lesson 18: Celebrity Selection Fun Styles Project PDFWebAssignment for

  19. Photoshop Lesson 19: Photoshop Clone Project PDF Assignment for

  20. Photoshop Lesson 20: Photoshop Selective Coloring EffectWeb PDF

  21. Photoshop Lesson 21: Teen Acne InstructionsImage Assignment for

  22. Photoshop Lesson 22: Need to Know Stuff About Photoshop and TextAssignment for

  23. Photoshop Lesson 23: I AM AWESOMEPDFAssignment for

  24. Photoshop Lesson 24: Crazy Text Web Assignment for

  25. Photoshop Lesson 25: Thankful Wallpaper WebAssignment for

  26. Photoshop Lesson 26: Cereal Box WebAssignment for

  27. PHOTOSHOP FINAL: Dress Max Web Assignment for - Finish Portfolio

Awesome Photoshop Tutorials -Assignment for

I do not expect to see anyone setting around doing nothing in this class. You should have something to work on at all times. If you finish your assignment quickly, you are expected to expand your horizons and complete one of the tutorials below on your own. You can pick the tutorial you want to complete. It will help you learn more about PhotoShop. Each tutorial walks you step by step through the assignment. Take your pick and learn something new! Have fun with it. Make sure what you create is school appropriate. You may also be assigned these tutorials at some point. They are a lot of fun!

Photoshop Bag O' Tricks from Tonya Skinner

  • Photos for these projects are in the student folder under the Photoshop CS3 Folder/PS_workshop_09_pics. When it tells you to open a certain picture(s) you will find them in that folder.

  • In your Documents in your Photoshop folder create a new folder called Bag-O-Tricks. Save all of these activities in there with the name specified.

  • The format of the instructions is better if you download them as a PDF file. You simply click the PDF icon and it will download. You then click on the downloaded file and it will open for you.



Date Assigned


Easy Fix #1save as yourname_easy_fix_1

Assignment for

2.Easy Fix #2 save as yourname_easy_fix_2

Assignment for

3.Easy Fix #3save as yourname_easy_fix_3

Assignment for

4.Some Quick Text Effect (brick building) save as yourname_text_effect_building

Assignment for

5.Text on Circular Objectssave as yourname_text_on_water_tower

Assignment for

6.Recolor Skin save as yourname_recolor_skin

Assignment for

7.Blending with Layer and Gradients, Custom Brushessave as yourname_Carrie_Underwood_Mix
8.Healing and Cloningsave as yourname_healing_cloning
9.Combining Techniques: Patch, Blur, Masking, & Layer Adjustmentsave as yourname_purple_jacket
10.Lets go crazysave as yourname_hand_on_thumb

Assignment for

 Lets go crazy assignment #2. Save as yourname_hand_with_heads
click to download hand
You are to:
  1. Then create a new document named as above
  2. Make it a width of 8 x height 10.5 inches
  3. Resolution 150
  4. Color Mode RGB
  5. Background Transparent
  6. Click create
  7. Download the hand image, cut out the background (or select the hand) and move it to the new document.
  8. You are to add a head on to each finger for a total of five heads. You are to use the techniques learned in lesson 10 to make the photos blend. Atleast one of the faces should be of you.
  9. Your background should be a pattern.
  10. Be creative and have fun with this assignment.
  11. You are to add your name in a fun font and color. Use at least a two color gradient to fill the text. Rotate it appropriately.
  12. Be sure and save frequently!!
  13. Assignment is worth 75 points

Assignment for

11.Panoramassave as photomerge_park save second activity as yourname_polaroid_photomerge_park

Assignment for


Second activity for panoramas is create a photomerge for the T-A School using merge_t-a folder.

  1. Select t-a_school_3 pics.
  2. You are to add two separate text boxes to your image. They should include Dragons and Tina-Avalon School.
  3. You can use the font type, size and color of your choice.
  4. Save it as yourname_photomerge_t-a

Third Polaroid Activity:

  1. Select t-a_school_3 pics.
  2. You are to add two separate text boxes to your image. They should include Dragons and Tina-Avalon School.
  3. You can use the border color of your choice.
  4. Save it as yourname_polaroid_photomerge_t-a


Assignment for

12.Combine Photos and Masksave as yourname_three_pose_girl

Assignment for

 Second photomerge activity is taking three pictures of yourself in a manner that can be merged and masked. Save it as yourname_photomerge_me.

Assignment for


Clipping Groups/Maskssave as yourname_clipping_groups_mask

Complete this assignment with a picture of Mrs. Rucker.

Then complete a second assignment with a picture of YOU!!! :-)

Assignment for

If you are finished with your portfolio

 Assignment to be completed after clipping groups/masks. You are to complete the exact same activity with a picture of you. You will also need to add a text layer. You will be graded on neatness and originality. Save as yourname_clipping_groups_mask_of_me
14.Patternssave as yourname_patterns

Assignment for


Assignment to be completed after Patterns. You are to complete another patterns assignment using the website links to define a new pattern and using an image of yourself. You are to use text and a brush. Save as yourname_patterns_on_my_own.

15.Photoshop Assignment: From Scratch save as ps_from_scratch

Assignment 1: Blend Photos Like a Hollywood Movie Poster in Photoshop - Web
save the new photo in your PhotoShop folder as PS_Movie_Poster_Yourname

  1. You will start out by selecting two pictures you want to combine
  2. Then create a new document named as above
  3. Make it a width of 8 x height 10.5 inches
  4. Resolution 300
  5. Color Mode CMYK
  6. Background Transparent
  7. You will move both picture files onto this new document
  8. Follow the link instructions from here on - Web

Assignment 2: Selecting two pictures you want to combine. You should be in both pictures. Then follow the steps above and the steps on the link. Save the new photo in your PhotoShop folder as PS_Movie_Poster_ME_Yourname

Assignment for



Assignment for

17.Christmas Card Project PDFWeb for you save as2016_Christmas_Card_Yourname
recommended image size is a 8.5 x 5.5 or 5.5 x 8.5

Assignment for

18.Halloween - Blood-Shot Eye, Web, PDF

Assignment for

19.Halloween - Jack-O-Lantern Activity Web

Assignment for


Decorate the Christmas Tree Tree IMG

Download the image and save it in your bag-o-tricks folder as Tree_YourName
You are to have no less than 30 ornaments on the tree!
You are to include a picture of you by the tree. Whoop! Whoop!

Assignment for


Extended assignment for Carroll County Memorial Hospital - Target Health Design

Assignment for
22.Be A Hero Project WebAssignment for

23.Extended assignment for Carroll County Memorial Hospital - National Hospital Week is May 12-18

Assignment for

Photoshop Extra Assignments


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