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Records show that courts with juvenile jurisdiction disposed more than 1.3 million delinquency cases in 2010. However, according to the website of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, data gathered from 1996 to 2014 shows a 65% decrease in the number of juvenile crimes committed by adolescents aged 10-17. Despite these numbers, it is still a sad reality that there are still too many adolescents who are committing crimes, including violent ones such as murder, rape, and assault. Today, some people are saying a way to make the world safer is for juveniles to be tried as adults. It is a hot issue that is making society question what could be the best solution to dealing with adolescent offenders. There are pros and cons for juveniles to be treated as adults when deciding on the punishment for their crimes. So before you give your verdict on this issue, weigh the evidence first.

List of Advantages of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults

1. It gives justice to the victims and their loved ones.
There may be some offenses that are forgive-able, but for extreme cases like murder, just punishment must be given to the offender. It is a way for a victim’s family to gain some peace or reconciliation, especially since they cannot get their loved one who was taken from them back.

2. It shows that a crime is a crime no matter your age.
Giving a lighter sentence to adolescents who committed an extreme crime just because they are not yet adults can send the wrong message that they can get away with certain things, even taking another person’s life. No matter what age someone is, they must learn to take responsibility for their actions and be made to understand the consequences of bad decisions. If teenagers are not taught right from wrong before they transition into adults, they have a higher tendency to commit more crimes.

3. It helps in lowering the number of juvenile criminals.
Adolescents who are aware that they will be punished for crimes will most likely not commit them. They can be even more discouraged to attempt any criminal activity when they find out how their peers were punished.

4. It allows a fair trial by jury.
Juvenile court cases are decided only by a judge. But if teenagers are tried as adults, there will be a jury that will help decide if they are guilty or not, so the decision doesn’t lie on one person alone.

List of Disadvantages of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults

1. It puts adolescent offenders at risk.
Adult prisons are places where juveniles can be easily abused and harmed. They can also be exposed to more crime and join gangs (which are common in adult correctional facilities), becoming even more hardened criminals.

2. It can be taken as a sign of lost hope.
Young offenders could take it as a message that they have no future and no hope of becoming something else other than a criminal. This is damaging to the juveniles and to their families.

3. It gives parents a message that they can take less responsibility.
Parents should teach their children right from wrong and should shoulder some responsibility for the actions of their kids. By sending adolescents to jail, parents can be let off the hook.

4. It limits the type of punishment.
Juvenile courts can recommend counseling, house arrest, curfews, and other forms of punishment rather than giving a jail sentence. In adult courts judges have fewer choices, and sometimes the only option to choose is prison.

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  • If You Can Do the Crime You Can Do The Time

    Juveniles should deffinatley be tried as adults because, its not like they dont know what they are doing. Now a days people are smarter than you think, with the increase in technology, you cant take anyone for granite. If a person is aware of what they are doing and has control of what they are doing then they should be punished, hence the Insanity clause. Now, a kid at 14 years old shouldnt be insane. But if he is then he should be in a mental institution just like all the rest. Then again, everyone is equal right? I mean after all; This is America.

  • Tried as an adult

    I do feel that juveniles should be tired as an adult depending on the crime. I feel if a child decides to make a huge life changing decision they should have to suffer the consequences. If their crime is something little and they don't have a criminal background, then no I don't think they should be.

  • Tried as adult

    JUVENILES SHOULD BE TRIED AS AN ADULY AND IM SAYING THIS AND IM A JUVENILE MYSELF. Some people might think this is very harsh but i personally believe that if you commit a crime and were smart enough to do it then you are able to be tried as an adult

  • Kids should be charged as adults only if the crime committed is heinous

    I as a 17 year old teen, think that if a kid commits a crime like rape, murder, or something else like that, they should be charged as an adult. Otherwise, they should be charged as a Juvenile because there is a proven study that kids who grow up in bad homes, bad neighborhoods, or the like often do things because they don't know any better. They should get help.

  • Old enough to know what they are doing

    Minors, no matter how old are capible of knowing the difference between right and wrong. Minors should be charged as adults. No matter if its shop lifting or cold blood murder, charge the kids as adults and maybe they will start thinking like one and grow up. Minors are capible of knowing what they are doing, so there for they can pay the time for it .

  • Teens are NOT Kids, they are Young Adults

    13- 18 year old kids are smart enough to know that if you kill, rape, or torture a person, you will go to jail & you understand that your actions are wrong. Im 16 & im a good person, you don't see me killing, raping, or torturing a person because I don't have a develop mind. For teens who were involve but they did not know that someone was going to be killed, or didn't hurt anyone, they should get parole. But for teens who enjoys killing, then it should be death row for them

  • Be responsible for what you did!

    Minors should be tried as adults because they made the same mistakes as adults. If they had the guts to break the law they should have the responsibility to face what they did. Age does not matter because its just a number. What matters the most is for justice to be served how its supposed to be.

  • You Should Not Give Juveniles Special Treatment

    By not punishing juveniles to the full extent of the law, you imply that they are above the law. Most young criminals actually rely on the age bias, knowing that they will get a slap on the wrist before being let out. Imagine your most dearest and most cherished person being killed or raped by a juvenile. Not only do they automatically have immunity to the death penalty, but they will be, at most, detained for a small period of time.

  • All kids no right from wrong despite mental conspacity

    It you can train a dog to obey simple commands than how easy it should be for us as the highest form of intelligent beings to understand right from wrong despite your age. Kids today are far more intelligent 5yrs. Old today than they were at 10yrs. Old 30 years ago. We as a society have get out of the century year old mentality than 13-18 years of age are ignorant of their actions, because they're not and they will play the system as long as the system let them.

  • Being tried as an adult gives you more constitutional protections.

    Most minors waiver to be tried as an adult because they get more protections in court. When you are being tried as a minor you do not appear before a jury. You do get that right when you are being tried as an adult. Most juries are actually more in favor of the minor because he/she is just a child. If you think being tried as an adult will be harder for the minor to be found innocent you are wrong. Also, just because you are tried as an adult doesn't mean you are automatically found guilty; you could be found not guilty and wouldn't have to face punishment.

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