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This page lists theses written by people who studied at SPRI.

Masters theses 1973 - date

YearForenameSurnameThesis title
2017CharlotteDaffernInvestigating the use of satellite remote sensing for phenological differentiation of Arctic vegetation on the Kola Peninsula, Russia.
2017PenelopeGoodmanWhat is the purpose of education in the Inuit Arctic of Canada and how can it be achieved?
2017EmilyHaggardSurface and subsurface meltwater ponding and refreeezing on the Bach Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula.
2017JamesKirkhamConstraining the pathways and fluxes of subglacial meltwater beneath the palaeo-Antarctic ice sheet.
2017JamesMarschalekExploring Controls on the Flow Dynamics of Devon Ice Cap using a Basal Friction Inversion
2016Connor Christian GeorgeBamfordAn exploratory analysis of the environmental factors that influence the distribution of Balaenoptera bonaerensis and Megaptera novaeangliae, 43°E – 107°E, and a reassessment of the conservation measures in Eastern Antarctica.
2016Thomas RussellChudleyGlacier surging in the West Kunlun Shan
2016SamuelCookBlink and You'll Miss It: An Investigation into Surging on Flade Isblink, Greenland
2016Sarah W.CooleyA 16-year record of supraglacial lake extent in West Greenland: analysis of inland expansion and rapid drainage events
2016Gunnar MárGunnarsonAssembling Community in East Greenland: Making Sense of Arctic Relocations
2016JingJinThe National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in Alaska, America, and the Arctic
2016Katherine E.MilesAnalysis of the surface hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet using Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar
2016AlesiaPrachakovaSustainable development in the Arctic: petroleum industry in the Norwegian and Russian high north
2016DavidSpelmanThe Deglaciation of Outer Marguerite Trough, Antarctic Peninsula
2015RhiannonCogbillModelling the future mass balance of glaciated Northwest Spitsbergen, Svalbard for a range of socio-economic trajectories
2015OliverCohenRe-mapping the Arctic: contemporary approaches to practising cartography across diverse knowledge traditions
2015SteffanDaninoHeinrich Events in North Atlantic Sediments: CT Scanning and Other Analyses.
2015WenkaiGuoCoastal meltwater plume detection and its response to melting variations around the Greenland Ice Sheet
2015KirstenLeesSea ice and the Arctic Atmosphere: Trends, Relations and Teleconnections.
2015HelenaNathan-KingMarine-terminating outlet glacier response to hydrological mechanisms: A comparative study at Store Glestcher and Rink Isbrae, Uummannaq Bay, West Greenland
2015MorganSeagEqual Opportunities on Ice: Examining gender and institutional change at the British Antarctic Survey, 1975-1996
2015MatthewSteadman-JonesSensing of Antarctic Penguin Population Remote Populations
2015HughVerrierCommunities, Corporations and the Crown: Pursuing indigenous empowerment through the conceptual ambiguity of Impact and Benefit Agreements
2014CorinneBenedekEnhanced melting beneath supra-glacial lakes on the Greenland ice sheet
2014ErinConsiglioShamanism and Religious Conversion in the north American Arctic: the impact of Christianity on traditional beliefs about animals
2014Michael S.CooperAn assessment of the changing spatio-temporal dynamics of thaw lake development using a remote sensing approach
2014CharlesGertlerEarth response to a changing ice cap in Langjokull, Iceland
2014ThomasPerryFlow characteristics, setting, and basal bounday condition of North Greenland outlet glaciers
2014AndrewWilliamsonThe hydrological system of Storglaciaren, Sweden: integrating modelling with observations
2014MaximilienZahndIndigenous taxation and sovereignty in post-ANCSA Alaska
2013MiaBennettNorth by Northeast: towards an Asian-Arctic region
2013DavidBurtonSubmarine glacial landforms and past ice flow in the Krossfjorden system, Northwest Svalbard.
2013GrantMacdonaldModelling the subglacial drainage system of Petermann Glacier, NW Greenland
2013EdwardPopeSurface reflectance characteristics of Langjokull, Iceland
2013JonathonRyanSubmarine geomorphology of SE and SW Greenland from Olex data
2012ClareFraserCharacterising sikussak and other forms of ice melange in Greenland fjords.
2012Jonathan D.FuhrmannApplication of wavelet analysis for examining climate meltwater runoff in the Paakitsoq area, West Greenland
2012JeromeMayaudModelling the subglacial hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2012JamesMcMillanA study of variability and change in circum-Arctic snow water equivalent.
2012JamesPearsonPeople and resources:indigenous populations and the Russian oil and gas industry.
2012Dinah MolloyThompsonThe validation of British Arctic whaling information (1750-1850).
2012Joe AlanToddCalving the stability of Rink Isbrae: flow-line modelling investigation using Elmer finite element model.
2011Jan Marieke PatrickDe RydtRelating surface and bed properties of antarctic ice streams
2011MadeleineGeddes-BartonChannel systems and sediment plumes from Canadian Arctic ice caps: Observations and nodelling
2011LaurenGreySurface topography and change, Lanfjokull Icecap, Iceland
2011JamesMacadamThe Arctic Coal Rush, Spitsbergen and the British Imagination 1920-1920
2011AlexandraMesserliIdentifying spatio-temporal patterns of supraglacial lake drainage and implications for the further understanding of the hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS)
2011AndrewTedstoneSediment plumes as indicators of Greeland ice sheet runoff onset and duration
2011NatalieThompsonIceberg scouring on the continental shelf of Greenland
2011AlisonWeisburgerIndigenous Knowledge in International Arctic Governance Regimes
2010ChristineBachelorSubmarine landforms and late quaternary ice flow in Hinlopen Strait, Northern Svalbard Margin
2010CatherineBaggsClimate and pro-glacial discharge interactions in the Pakitsoq region of Western Greenland
2010TertoKreutzmannRelations between humans and spirits in East Greenland
2010Robert OliverPlewsChanges in surging outlet glaciers of the Langjokull Ice Cap, Iceland
2010Phoebe MaherRobinsonDynamics of ice-cap drainage basins from marine geophysical and geological evidence: Eastern Austfonna, Svalbard
2009EvelynLandererHunting, Walking, Reindeer Keeping: Places and Movements among the Evenki of Eastern Siberia
2009OliverMarshThe influence of ice roughness oon melting and freezing at the ice-ocean interface: a laboratory study
2009MarkPickettThe response of Hagafellsjokull Vestari Glacier, Iceland, to future climate scenarios computed with a dynamic glacier flowline model coupled to a degree-day mass balance model
2009Allen J.PopeRecent Changes to Langjokull Icecap, Iceland: an investigation integrating airborne LiDAR and satellite imagery
2009AnthonySealeSouth-east Greenland icesheet short term response to environmentaal conditions
2009Humphrey JohnWaddingtonSupraglacial lake evolution on the Greenland Ice Sheet
2009LouiseWatling"There was a contest in heroism between Captain Oates and his comrades, Captain Scott, Dr Wilson and Lieutenant Bowers". An analysis of the presentation and portrayal of Petty Officer Edgar Evans, the first man to perish in Captain Scott's Pole Party of 1912.
2008RachelCarrThe role of Atmospheic and Oceanic forcing in Greenland outlet Glacier Behaviour
2008AlisdairGrahamThe Moose River Flood event sequence and the 8,200 BP Cold-Event
2008SylvanLongSubglacial Melt Water Drainage at Paakitsoq West Greenland: insights from a distributed, physically based numerical model
2008NicolaStiastnyImages of the indigenous in modern media: to what extent is the cross-cultural expansion of the media altering the way Arctic indigenous societies are portrayed in Western media?
2007Tiffany LeeLundayGlacier Change and Behaviour: Hazardously Erratic, Climatically Regular
2007MartinO'LearySmall-Scale Variations in Glacier Albedo
2007ChristopherRimmerDevelopment , Testing and Application of a One-dimensional Mass Balance-Flow Model to Midre Lovénbreen, Svalbard
2006IanBartholomewMarine Geophysical Investigations of Channel-like Features on the Floor of Marguerite Trough, Antarctic Peninsula
2006ElizabethCassellHonouring the Past, Building the Future: Is a Truth and Reconconciliation Commission the appropriate forum in which to address the legacy of Indian Residential Schools?
2006C. M.SawchukEvangelical and Aboriginal Christianity on Baffin Island: a case study of Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), 1929-1934
2005Bent-MartinEliassenIncreasing Regulation and Diminishing Flexibility in Reindeer Herding in Finnmark, Norway
2005PeterEvansRelocation and Resistance: Culture and Politics of the Inuit of Hebron and Nuak, Labrador, 1959 to the Present
2005JoanneMetzMarine Geophysical Investigations of the Polar North Atlantic: Sea-Floor Scouring at the Mouth of Hudson Strait by Deep-Keeled Icebergs
2005Eduardo BlanchardWrigglesworthSea Ice Variability and Atmospheric Forcing in the Arctic North Atlantic
2004Jeande PomereuAntarctica: a Geography of the Sacred
2004EavanO'DochartaighVisual Representation of the Arctic and Public Spectacle in Mid-Victorian England: A Study of the Arctic Art of W.H.J. Browne
2003ChrisStearnThe Environmental Effects of Hydroelectric Power in Arctic Scandinavia
2002Jennifer R.AndersonComparing the Use of Oral Tradition in Courts Land Claims: Canada and Australia
2002Andrew J.FaasSeeing Cold Places Through Warm Eyes: National Geographic Magazine and Photographic Representation of the Arctic 1888-1950
2002David AndrewFikeHeterotrophic Microbial Colonization of the Interior of Shocked Rocks from the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canadian High Arctic
2002CarolineGunnFormal Education and Antarctic
2002Huw W.G.Lewis-JonesPeripheral Vision: Aspects of Science in the Arctic (1840-1890): On Dr John Rae, the Commensurability of 'Ethnoscience' and the 'vulgar subterfuge' of going native.
2002LiamParfittWestern Perceptions of the Risks Posed by Russian Nuclear Submarines
2002SarahRobinsonLinked Changes in Prey Availability and Population Structure: Using Antarctic Fur Seals to Sample Marine Systems
2001Michael S.BalshiSatellite Monitoring of the Response of Circumarctic Vegetation to Environmental and Anthropogenic Forcing
2001Susanna M.GrantPopulation Increase of the Antarctic Fur Seal (Arctocephalus gazella) in the Scotia Sea: Implications for Management
2001Duncan MatthewHaworthEffect of Climate Change and Atmospheric Pollution on Larix spp., Noril'sk, Northern Siberia
2001Kenneth W.JessenThe Effects of Variable Sea Ice on Beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) Migrations and behaviour.
2001Amber A.LincolnNegotiated Authenticity: the Sami Handicraft Market of Sweden
2001Marie NordahlSvendsenGreenlandic Travel Writing in Atuagagdliutit
1999BillDavisManagement requirements for tourist landing sites in the Maritime Antarctic, and a model plan for Deception Island, South Shetland Islands
1999Elena VladimirovnaRockhillEvolutionary Relationships and Genetic Epidemiology in Indigenous Siberian Populations
1998Maria AngelicaGodoiInvestigating the complexity of Holocene climate using ice core records
1998KirkSalvesenScientific achievements by Antarctic Expeditions in the aftermath of the Sixth International Geographical Congress: 1985-1905
1998AnnaVdovenkoWrangell Island from political conflict to Russian sovereignty
1997James R. K.AllenLessons of Arctic free market experiene for potential hard rock mining in Antarctica
1997Kaisa HelenaHietalaA Case study of the fresh water components in the Arctic hydrological cycle
1997Michael FoxJohnsonLittle fish in big ponds: fisheries and community development in Alska and Greenland
1997YasmineMinbashianBiological integrity: an approach to monitoring human disturbance in the Antarctic Peninsula region
1997Carol J.MooreArctic environmental co-operation 1987-1997
1997Philip N. D.PopeBritish influence on the Antarctic Treaty System 1959-1964
1997Andrew A.SpurginThe Evolving accountability of the Antarctic treaty System
1996PaulMitchamContinuity and change in north European nordpolitikk in the wake of the cold war: the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (B.E.A.R.)
1996R. DanSmallThe Social determinants of alcohol abuse in Canadian Inuit
1996Anne-MarieVickLand transportation management in Denali National Park, Alaska
1996Marcus HenryWestPost 1920 Svalbard: the challenge for economic development
1996Joseph H (III)WubboldTransporting liquified natural gas by surface ships from North Slope of Alaska to world markets
1995TatianaArgounovaFederal Relations between Yakutsk and Moscow
1995BillBarbourScience, politics and the international whaling Commission: the decision-making processes affecting whale management
1995BrettFotheringhamThe Southern Whale Fishery Company, Auckland Islands
1995MarinaGridinaNordic initiatives to reduce industrial pollution on the Kola peninsula
1995Cary DaleHaggardNorthern Canadian development and the indigenous population in the era of the North American Free Trade Agreement
1995Timothy J.HuntThe influence of polar exploration and discovery on the development of geomagnetic instruments in the early nineteeth century
1995Jay C.KlinkIce sheet stations: design concepts for increasing life-span
1994JohnAshThe policing of biomarine resources in the Southern Ocean
1994DamienGildeaHas the Antarctic Treaty system adequate provision for the regulation of private adventure expeditions
1994Susan M.WaughMonitoring and management of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic tourist sites: a GIS case study
1993Richard G.FergusonThe Contribution of photography to Arctic expeditions 1851-1881
1993Anne-MarieNuttallGlaciological investigations in East Greenland using digital Landsat imagery
1993Joel MatsonSweetsirRestraints on the exploration of the Yukon River 1790-1867
1993Kirk WilliamSweetsirManagement policies and the control of the wolf (canis lupus) in Alaska
1993JohnTichotskyNatural Resource development after Perestroika: Tin and Gold mining in the Russian Northeast
1993HaroldWeaverNorthern news service
1993Richard N.WeinsteinThe Effects of environmental factors on the growth of acaena magellanica in three dominant plant communities in South Georgia
1993H. ReneeWissinkNorth Baffin: co-management of a Canadian national park within Nunavut
1992John TrygveBergOil spills in cold climates with special reference to the transportation and exploration of hydrocarbons in the Kara Sea
1992Alex JamesBissLate quaternary glacimarine sedimentation in the inner Scoresby Sund fjord system, East Greenland
1992P. KimCrosbieResource utilisation in the national parks of the Canadian Arctic
1992Pamela B.DavisPlanning for a changing environment: administration and management of South Georgia
1992Michael ChalmerDunnAn examination of management practices of selected Antarctic scientific expeditions from the late nioneteenth century to to the mid-twentieth centuries
1992Kevin MichaelFlemingThe Mass balance modelling of Spitzbergen glaciers
1992HaniNarouzThe Mineralisation of teeth of female Atarctic fur seals in relation to their life history
1992Amanda JulieNimonHuman-animal interaction in the Antarctic: an animal behaviour approach to human disturbance of penguin colonies
1991William VernDunlapSome implications in international law of the Soviet proposal to open the northern sea royte to transnational comercial traffic; transit passage in the Soviet Arctic straits
1991Debra J.EnzenbacherA Policy for Antarctic tourism: conflict or cooperation?
1991Ian KennethMacRuryThe Inuit dog: its' provenance, environment and history
1991Walter PendleburyStewartAn Evaluation of the impact of international law of Canada's claim to sovereignty in the Arctic archipelago with particular reference to 'historic waters' and ice
1990Mark OrlenBadger"The Search for the White People". The journal of Edward Adams RN, 1850-51: a contribution to the discovery and natural histoy of Northwest Alaska
1990DebrahBrayNative Spirits: perceptions of the use of alcohol by contemporary native peoples of northern canada and Alaska
1990TorbenChristiansenTourism in polar environments: with special reference to Greenland and Antarctica
1990Anita M.DeyIndia in Antarctica: perspectives, programmes and achievements
1990Alan RudolphMarcusOut in the Cold: the legacy of Canada's Inuit relocation experiement in the high Arctic, 1953-1990
1989AdeleAiroldiThe European Communities' legislation and its' consequences for Arctic sealing
1989Maria PiaCasarini-WadhamsBy submarine to the Arctic: Sir Hilbert Wilkins' Nautilus Expedition of 1931
1989Brian C.ChambersThe Impact of the Dene / Metis land claim on local government in the Northwest Territories of Canada
1989Henry P.HuntingdonThe Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission: effective local management of a subsistence resource
1989IngridSchildThe Viability of the forthcoming Norwegian Sami Parliament: an assessment
1989Brian C.ShoemakerAntarctic Treaty System Inspections: historical significance and future impact
1988GeoffreyBleakleyIn defence of Nunat (the land): Inuit political development as a response to resource conflict
1987Robin B.DicksonThe Development of Dental Services for Arctic Populations: Labrador and the Baffin region compared
1987JesseHillInuvik, Northwest Territories; the influence of southern perception on the development of a town in Canada's North
1987Ronald K.InouyeThe Politics of Northern Information Provision: the Alaskan Situation
1987Rupinder S.JejiMaking Northern Education Work: some problems and possible solutions among the Inuit of Quebec
1987MarieLiumMarkoosie: an examination of a contemporary North American Native writer
1987Mary E.LowthianThe Involvement of Jane Franklin in the Revival od the search for John Franklin 1854-1859
1987MarshallNetherwoodInuit harvesting strategies in the Canadian Arctic and implications for wildlife management
1987R. GrahamRobinsonSmall scale community based economic development in the Canadian Arctic
1987David M.RootesThe Design and Servicability of Antarctic Stations
1986FranceBenoitThe Role of hunting in Inuit communities of Northern Quebec
1986EthanBerkowitzFrozen in place: american policy and practice in antarctica
1986R. DeanEllisAn evaluation of British Royal Naval Arctic Exploration Techniques, 1818-1876
1986David M.HochBuilding design for cold climates
1986IvoMeisnerEvolution of the antarctic treaty system
1986Joseph R.PotvinEconomic theory and development planning in the arctic regions
1986Craig T. M.RogersThe Legal status of off-shore waters within the canadian arctic archipelago
1985Richard P.BridgeThe Recent Economic Development of the Soviet North, with Specific Referne to the Yakutskaya, ASSK.
1985MalcolmFarrowA comparative study of education in selected northern circumpolar lands
1985Peter LawsonKeageAntarctic protected areas: future options
1984Anthony BertramDickinsonThe development and administration of the elephant seal industry in South Georgia
1984HowardHumeA comparative study of the northern sea route and north west passage
1982Edward P.FarquharU S public land policies and Alaskan economic development
1982Jill A.FredstonIce cores as indicators of environmental change
1982Alfred S.McLarenThe Arctic submarine, an alternative to ice breaker tankers and pipelines
1982Wendlyn A. C.NixonReindeer husbandry in North America: Developments in reindeer husbandry as a native industry - Alaska and Northern Canada
1982PeterSpeakThe Scottish Spitsbergen syndicate
1981HeatherMyersThe use of biological resources by certain Arctic and sub-Arctic peoples
1980Julia M.CruikshankLegend and landscape: convergence of oral and scientific traditions with special reference to Yukon Territory, Canada
1980Bernard W.FunstonThe Mackenzie River Valley as a development corridor
1980MonicaKristensenGeophysical investigations of icebergs in Antarctica
1980Desmond NicholasMortonPresent political attitudes towards non-renewable resource development in selected northern areas
1980Charles B.NixonExploration and cartographic history of Victoria Island
1979Bernadette A.HardakerMissionary contact with the Kutchin Indians of the northern Yukon
1979Julian T.InglisAnalysis of land management regimes in certain northern lands
1979Rodney BLedinghamBiology of the Leopard Seal with special reference to Macquarie Island
1979Desmond J.LuggAppendicitis in polar regions
1979Roger B.McPhersonResource development on the lands of northern indigenous peoples…
1979RosamundeReichTourism in Antarctica: it present impact and future development
1978David CMcEwanThe future political and economic development of the Antarctic
1978Ian R.StoneThe Voyage of the 'Prince Albert' 1850
1978Erikvan VeenenSubsistence in whaling in Alaska
1977J. R.DaleA discussion of psychological illness amongst Canadian Eskimos
1977Richard DanielHamerThe tectonic evolution of Antarctica
1977JohnKillingbeckThe role of Deception Island in the development of Antarctic affairs
1977J.MacPhersonPsychological aspect of group behaviour in Antarctica
1976Alan J.ColvillInvestigations of fluctuations and movement of sea ice fronts in the Weddell Sea and Bellingshausen Sea using satellite imagery and other data
1976Sigurdur R.GudjonssonAvalanche studies - Conditions in Iceland
1976Glenn S.KirbyEconomic rent and leasing policy choices for petroleum development in northern Canada
1976Jeffrey C.OramThe Effects of Surface Change on Permafrost Terrain
1973John LeslieDavisThe Problem of Depth Sounding Temperate Glaciers

Doctoral theses, 1950-date

YearForenameSurnameThesis title
2018Conrad PawelKoziolModelling the impact of surface melt on the hydrology and dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2017TaniaKossbergThe Forest of Stories - Healing Narratives in Northern Norway
2017JoeToddA 3D full Stokes calving model for Store Glacier, West Greenland
2017ClaireWarriorRekindling histories - Families and British Polar exploration
2016WilliamDickensReconstructing glacial and environmental change on the South Orkney Plateau, sub-Antarctica
2016EvanMilesSpatio-temporal variability and energy-balance implications of surface ponds on Himalayan debris-covered glaciers
2016RomanSidortsovLaw and power relations in risk governance of oil and gas activities in the Russian North
2015JorgeGuzmanHistorical geography of the far and the farthest south of the world during early modern times
2015TertoKreutzmannThe religion of a hunting society in northwest Greenland
2014ChristineBachelorReflection seismic investigations of the Canadian Beaufort Sea margin, Arctic Ocean
2014Anna MariaTrofaierThe seasonal dynamics of Arctic surface hydrology in permafrost environments ?
2013Allen J.PopeMultispectral classification and reflectance of glaciers: in situ data collection, satellite data algorithm development, and application in Iceland & Svalbard.
2013EkaterinaShipiginaRemote Sensing Methods for Environmental Monitoring of Human Impact on sub-Arctic Ecosystems in Europe.
2012Narelle Paula MarieBakerThe influence of subglacial hydrology on the flow of West Antarctic ice streams.
2012AlisonBanwellModelling the Hydrology of the Greenland Ice Sheet
2012AmyDonovanPublic engagement with developing science: new technologies and hazard management at persistently active volcanoes
2012WilliamEuckerA geospatial analysis of Arctic marine traffic.
2012Adrian BruceMcCallumCone penetration testing in polar snow.
2012LaurVallikiviWords and silence: Nenets reindeer herders' conversion to evangelical Christianity.
2011Peter ChristopherEvansTransformations of Inuit resistance and identity in Northern Labrador, 1771-1959
2011CameronRyeSpatially distributed modelling of regional glacier mass balance model: a Svalbard case study
2010Christina MariaAdcockTracing warm lines: northern Canadian exploration, knowledge and memory, 1905-1965
2009JanneFloraRelatedness, loneliness and longing in Greenland
2009Kelly AnneHoganGeomorphic and sedimentary record of glaciation on high latitude continental margins with particular reference to the Northeastern Svalbard region
2008RuthMugfordModelling iceberg and meltwater sedimentation from tidewater glaciers
2008Eleanor KatherinePeersPrint, Power and Personhood: Newspapers and Ethnic Identity in East Siberia
2008HugoReinertThe corral and the slaughterhouse : knowledge, tradition and the modernization of indigenous reindeer slaughtering practice in the Norwegian Arctic .
2007John StewartAshThe Management of Antropogenic Environmental Risk Associated with Oil Development in the Arctic Littoral
2007Adrian J.FoxPhotogrammetric Techniques for Measuring Change in Glaciated Regions
2007KonstantinosZorbasAgents of Evil: Curse Accusations and Shamanic Retaliation in Post-Soviet Tuva (Siberia)
2006Mark JamesDwyerKomi Reindeer Herding: Mobility and Land Use in a Changing Natural and Social Environment
2006Huw W.G.Lewis-JonesThe Invisible Throne: the Royal Navy, Polar Exploration and Imagining Heroes in the Nineteenth Century
2005Elana TovahWilsonBuilding an Arctic Community of Knowledge:
2005DanielaFloccoThe Geophysics of Antarctic Coastal Polynyas
2005Susanna MargaretGrantDevelopment of a Marine Protected Area System for Antarctica
2005StephanieIrlbacher-FoxIndigenous Self-Government Negotiations in the Northwest Territorries (NWT), Canada: Time, Reality and Social Suffering
2005Anna ElizabethNelsonA Sedimentological Investigation of Glacigenic Deposits in Iceland
2005NiobeThompsonThe Nativeness of Settlers: Comnstructions of Belonging in Soviet and Contemporary Chukotka
2004Elena VladimirovnKhlinovskaya RockhillFamily discontinuity and 'social orphanhood' in the Russian Far East : children in residential care institutions.
2004Samuel ArthurVan VactorFlipping the Switch: the transformation of energy markets
2003OttoHabeckWhat it means to be a herdsman: the practice and image of reindeer husbandry among the Komi of Northern Russia
2002YevgenyAksenovSea Ice Cover Deformation on the Local Scale and Mesoscale and it's relationship to Atmosphere-Ocean Processes
2002EmmaWilsonMaking space for local voices: local participation in natural resource management, North-Eastern Sakhalin Island, the Russian Far East.
2001TatianaArgounovaScapegoats of Natsionalizm: ethnic tensions inSakha (Yakutia), Northeastern Russia
2000Lawson W.BrighamSea Ice Variability in Russian Arctic Coastal Sea: Influences on the Northern Sea Route
2000Olga V.TutubalinaRemote Sensing of Environmental Degradaton in the North: Case Study of the Non-Ferrous Metal Industry in Noril'sk, Northern Siberia
1999FinloCottierBrine distribution in young sea ice.
1999Indira NoblOverlandPolitics and culture among the Russian Sami. Leadership, representation and legitimacy
1998KimCrosbieMonitoring and management of tourist landing sites in the Maritime Antarctic
1998JeffEvansLate Weichselian and Holoscene Glacimarine sedimentation and environments in Kejser Franz Joseph's Fjord and on the adjacent continental margin, East Greenland
1998Paul Jay WilliamFryerElites, language and education in the Komi ethnic revival
1998Matthew RichardHuddlestonModelling the sea ice thickness distribution in the Greenland Sea
1998Joseph Kah-WahLamNumerical modelling of the dynamics response of glaciers to changing climates
1998William DingleMinersElectromagnetic reflections inside ice sheets
1998Matthias HeinrichReisemannUltrasonic transmission properties of sea ice
1998Benjamin JustinSeligmanKey factors influencing the reliability of trunk gas pipelines in the est Siberian North
1997Daniel LeeFelthamFluid dynamics and thermodynamics of sea ice
1997Amanda JulieNimon-PetersGentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua)
1996MarkBrandonWinter surface water mass modification in the Greenland Sea.
1996GarethMarshallThe effectiveness of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar for Glacier monitoring
1996JohnTichotskyNatural resources development in the Republic of Sakha: Russia's diamond producing region
1995David G.AndersonNational identity and belonging in Arctic Siberia: an ethnography of Evenkis and Dolgans at Khantaishe ozero in the Taimyr Autonomous District
1995Mark OrlenBadgerVisual ethnography and representation: two case studies in the Arctic
1995Pamela BenhamDavisWilderness visitor managment and Antarctic tourism
1995AnitaDey-NuttallOrigins, development and organisation of national Antarctic programs: with special reference to the United Kingdom and India
1995Debra J.EnzenbacherThe management of Antarctic tourism: environmental issues, the adequacy of current regulations and policy options within the Antarctic Treaty system
1995I-ILinSpatial texture of visible and radar imagery of terrestrial ice masses
1995Grahame R.PooleThe Development of Greenlan's shrimp fishing and pocessing industry since 1979: a study in applied economics
1994NeilArnoldModelling the influence of glacier hydrology on the dynamics of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet
1994Torben RøjleChristiansenExchange of radiatively active trace gases in tundra environments, with particular attention to methane
1994RichardHodgkinsThe Seasonal evolution of meltwater discharge, quality and outing at a High Arctic glacier
1994Heather M.MyersAn Evaluation of renewable resource development experience in the Northwest Territories, Canada
1994Alan Gordon RichardMarcusUtopia on trial: perceptions of Canadian government experiments with Inuit relocation.
1994MartinSiegertNumerical modelling of the Svalbard-Barents sea ice sheet
1993Ulla PatriciaGilmourMixing and circulation of meltwater outflow plums in polar fjords
1993Colin MalcolmHarrisEnvironmental management in Antarctica using geographical information systems
1992Gordon StuartHamiltonInvestigations of surge type glaciers in Svalbard
1991MarianneCromackA Glacial Sedimentary System in Northwest Spitzbergen
1991J. M. Nico T.GreySea ice dynamics
1991BeauRiffenburghThe Anglo-American press and the sensationalization of the Arctic 1855-1910
1990Philip J.RottierWave/ice interactions in the marginal ice zone and the generation of ocean noise
1990Jefferson CardiaSimõesEnvironmental interpretation from Svalbard ice cores
1990Mark AnthonyNuttallNames, kin and community in Northwest Greenland
1989Robert AnthonyMassomThe Study of Weddell Sea Ice using passive microwave and buoy data
1989SiobhanO'FarrellOcean Fronts at Sea Ice Boundaries
1987Jonathan L.BamberRadio Echo Sounding Studies of Svalbard Glaciers
1987Anthony BertramDickinsonA History of Sealing in the Falkland Island Dependencies, 1764-1972
1987Mark RolandDrinkwaterRadar Altimetric Studies of Polar Ice
1987Lewis David BruceHerrodA Geophysical Reconnaisance of Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
1987Nicholas J. C.TylerNatural limitation of the abundance of the high Arctic Svalbard reindeer
1984Ian S.BratchieNumerical modelling of ice dynamics and thermodynamics in the Greenland Sea
1984Julian A.DowdeswellRemote Sensing Studies of Svalbard Glaciers
1984Wilfrid AustinNixonSome Aspects of the Engineering Properties of Ice
1983Neil F.McIntyreThe Topography and Flow of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
1982Patricia JeanLanghorneCrystal alignment in sea ice
1981Edward J.JanokowskiAirborne Geophysical Investigations of Subglacial Structures of West Antarctica
1981David H. M.MillarRadio-echo layering in polar ice sheets
1981Miriam A. P.RenoufPrehistoric coastal economy in Varangerfjord, North Norway. The analysis of faunal material and the study of subsistence patterns in the inner area of Varangerfjord during the younger stone age from 5800 to 2500 B.P.
1980NigelLeader-WilliamsEcology of Introduced Reindeer on South Georgia
1980Richard H. N.SteedGeophysical studies of Wilkes Land, Antarctica
1978Christopher ScottNealRadio Echo Studies of the Ross Ice Shelf
1978Keith EverardRoseRadio Echo Sounding Studies of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
1978Vernon ArthurSquireDynamics of Ocean waves in a Continuous Sea Ice Cover
1977Peter D.Alexander-MarrackThe eastern margin of the Devonian basin of east Greenland
1977Neal DuncanHargreavesRadio Echo Studies of the Dielectric Properties of Ice Sheets
1975Gordon Kenneth AndrewOswaldRadio Echo Studies of Polar Glacier beds
1974Ian S.EvansThe Geomorphometry and Asymetry of Glaciated Mountains, with special reference to the Bridge River District, British Columbia
1973David J.DrewrySub-Ice Relief and Geology of East Antarctica
1973PeterWadhamsThe Effect of a Sea-Ice Cover on Ocean Waves
1972Christopher HansonHarrisonRadio propagation effects in glaciers
1972Robert HaroldThomasThe Dynamics of Ice Shelves
1972Paul F.WilkinsonThe Relevance of Muskox Exploitation to the Study of Prehistoric Animal Economies
1971JohnNicholsonStratigraphic and sedimentological studies of the Upper Devonian Old Sandstone of Gauss Halvo and Ymers O, central east Greenland
1971William GilliesRossImpact of whaling on Eskimos of Hudson Bay, 1860 - 1915
1971Beverley Michael EwenSmithRadio Echo Study of Glaciers
1971Anthony KeithYeatsThe geology of the western margin of the Devonian basin of East Greenland
1970J. G.ParenDielectric Properties of Ice
1970John C. F.WalkerThe mechanical properties of ice at high homologous temperatures
1969Alan Gordon RichardCookeHudson Bay Company's Attempt to Develop a Trade in the Interior of Quebec-Labrador Peninsula, and some analysis of the Economic Returns
1968PaulBarnesPlastic Flow, Pressure Melting and other Deformations in the Melting of Ice
1965M. E. R.WalfordRadio echo sounding of polar ice
1962John A.HeapSea Ice Distribution in the Antarctic between 7degW and 92degW
1953JohnGlenMechanical Properties of Ice and their relationship to Glacier Flow
1950TerrenceArmstrongThe Development of the Northern Sea Route

The Review of Metaphysics


The Review of Metaphysics is devoted to the promotion of technically competent, definitive contributions to philosophical knowledge. Not associated with any school or group, not the organ of any association or institution, it is interested in persistent, resolute inquiries into root questions, regardless of the writer's affiliations.
Published for more than fifty years, the Review of Metaphysics has established itself as an essential resource for the profession both in the major research libraries of the world and in the private libraries of professors, scholars, and students of philosophy. Among the top English-language journals in circulation, and boasting one of the largest foreign circulations, the Review offers its reader an overview of contemporary philosophy and a standpoint from which to assess its developing currents.

Coverage: 1947-2014 (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 68, No. 2)

Moving Wall: 3 years (What is the moving wall?)

The "moving wall" represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal. Moving walls are generally represented in years. In rare instances, a publisher has elected to have a "zero" moving wall, so their current issues are available in JSTOR shortly after publication.
Note: In calculating the moving wall, the current year is not counted.
For example, if the current year is 2008 and a journal has a 5 year moving wall, articles from the year 2002 are available.

Terms Related to the Moving Wall
Fixed walls: Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive.
Absorbed: Journals that are combined with another title.
Complete: Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title.

ISSN: 00346632

Subjects: Philosophy, Humanities

Collections: Arts & Sciences V Collection


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