Argumentative Essay Topics For Biology

A List Of 7th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics In Biology

What are persuasive essays?

Before going in for the topics of a persuasive essay, we need to clarify what it is actually. With a goal to persuade the reader on a specific topic a writer aims to write a persuasive essay. The main criteria of writing a persuasive essay are to have a deep and well established idea about the topic that you have selected.

Without you yourself knowing the gravity of the topic, one cannot implant that in reader’s mind. So first and fore mostly he /she needs to connect with the topic. They need to procure fresh and stimulating ideas and statements about their choice of topic so that they can easily persuade the reader to believe whatever they are inclining them to believe.

Important points to note.

  1. Be ready with all the facts and notes so that you can persuade the readers. Else you may land up in an embarrassing situation of failing to prove your point.

  2. You must be well acquainted with the gravity of the topic you have gone for else you cannot implant it in someone else’s mind.

  3. Firstly you must structure your essay. You must make a guideline to follow; else it would turn up to be messy for you in the later stage.

  4. Introduction should be catchy with all the questions that you tend to create tin the mind of the reader. The body must consist of 3-4 paragraphs dealing with the solutions of your questions that you have finger pointed earlier in your introduction.

  5. Conclusion should be the ultimate nail in the coffin. Here you should choose your words very carefully as there should be no point of dilemma amongst the readers. All the things that you have worked on depend in these last few lines. The inception of your thoughts in reader’s mind will be complete here.

  6. Never write a conflicting statement that may disrupt the mentality of the reader.


  • Is it possible to completely cure cancer? Discuss - There are many types of cancer and its stages. One must be quite sure while discussing about it to persuade the reader.

  • Is cloning Ethical? – Being at the peak of science cloning is the new deal in the market. But is it ethical? Shall we attempt to clone everything even ourselves when it will be possible in near future.

  • Can we get younger: The topic may seem quite interesting to you. It is all about ageing and can we ever stop it.

  • The next step in humanity: Can we evolve in to something more intelligent and intellectual.

  • Flu throughout the world: How to safeguard our future from the growing vicious attack of different form of flues. What measures can be taken.

A Selection Of Good Argumentative Essay Topics In Biology

Essay topics often have a wide range of information that's involved in making the most out of a topic. While these topics are built with a purpose to inform and introduce a student in a specific way of thinking, there are essay documents that act as somewhat of pieces of information that can always be put. In terms of a biology, there are a few ways that each student can find their own topic that will inspire them and motivate them to find their own greater thoughts that will be introduced into the topic of their choosing. A quality dissertation on a topic like biology often addresses some of the core issues. These are some things to consider.

  • Address typical systems of understanding
  • Question each topic
  • Question the makeup of understood biology
  • Bring the unseen into the concepts
  • The Body
  • The History of the body
  • The functioning of the body
  • The nature of movement
  • Beyond the body physical
  • The dynamic of thoughts and reintroducing thoughts as body definers

In biology, there are some concepts that could be brought into the entire idea of what the body encompasses. Knowing different ideas and concepts that would challenge the typical understanding of a person's body being reduced simply to cellular makeup without even considering the biology of a thought. These would sometimes be questions that could often bring some greater understanding to the concepts of biology and might offer some quality as well.

Each topic and each question that each student may want to address can always bring into question some types of information that might be scrutinized. Being able to take pieces of information and incorporate facts while leaving the idea open for further and more in-depth information can always lead to something worth knowing.

The makeup of biology itself has been similar and will continue to be understood on specific levels as the way that it is. However, different pieces of information and research that have already been completed could be incorporated into an already expanding understanding for the person who is writing the documents.

The unseen, meaning thoughts and imaginations, have a direct reflection being made into the body. Literally. These concepts have been incorporated into the advanced biological understandings of leading scientists worldwide. These concepts if adopted into the current stream of understanding would increase the field and grow the students own realm of knowledge and applied research topics.

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