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A320-X DRM - what happened   02/18/18

Hello all, We feel that it's only fair that we disclose fully the extent of our DRM efforts here. So let's discuss exactly that now - but first, I need to personally direct my attention to those who feel offended by our actions and to say that we realize it's an issue whose extent we hadn't grasped at first, but now fully understand and apologize that we offended you in any way. I also want to thank the majority of our customers who have declared their support and continued trust already but for those who feel their trust was violated, we feel it's only fair to offer full refunds of your paid P3Dv4 purchase, just let us know through a support ticket. 1) So - what exactly did our P3Dv4 installers do? As soon as the user entered their customer information (order ID / serial number / email) it verified this against our server database. Genuine customers and any other legitimate serial numbers trigger a full proper installation and no tool was called / used to figure out any pirate info. The installer that temporarily extracted the tool would remove it as part of its normal cleanup operation upon proper installation completion. Please also keep in mind this was not an issue with earlier FSX / P3Dv3 products. 2) What happened with misspelled / misunderstood / unknown serial numbers? As soon as any such wrongfully typed or mistyped piece of information would be detected, the installer would simply alert the user on the mistype and return to ask for the data again. It would not cause any tool to be called to figure out any pirate info, it simply stopped and waited for corrected information.Again, no personal data would ever be extracted. 3) When - exactly - would the tool be triggered? Flash back to our first A320-X release for FSX / P3Dv3 (32bit) - we discovered soon after the release of our product for those simulator versions that there were specific crackers who were successful in sidetracking our protection system by using offline serial number generators. We could not find how this would happen, but we happened upon a particular set of information (username / email / serial number) that would occur recurrently from specific IP addresses. We tried to add more tests in our subsequent installer releases, but the specific crackers were also upping their game in ensuring they sidetracked our installer. We even went so far as to figure out exactly who the cracker was (we have his name available upon request of any authorities), but unfortunately we could not be able to enter the registration-only web sites he was using to provide this information to other pirates. We found through the IP addresses tracked that the particular cracker had used Chrome to contact our servers so we decided to capture his information directly - and ONLY his information (obviously, we understand now that people got very upset about this - we're very sorry once again!) as we had a very good idea of what serial number the cracker used in his efforts. With our P3Dv4 installer, we discovered through more detailed installation logs that there was a specific set of pirate data that came up over and over again - so we decided to target that set of data directly. As a result, we made our server listen for a specific subset of data sent from the installer and when that was triggered, to dump that cracker's information needed for us to gain access to those illicit web sites, so we could then forward the information to proper legal authorities. What is very ironic here was that this method worked, in fact, and we were able to receive this information. We discovered with dismay that behind this person, there was an entire web of operations that had been set up that not only provided an interested person with a pirate copy of our product, but it used its own eSellerate key generators together with offline activators (by changing the activation server IP addresses to match the pirate servers) that would validate those keys directly. Apart from our company, there was a whole host of other flight simulator developer companies whose products were being shared and offline keys generated. Here are two images that showcase two of the web sites in question. In the first, one can clearly see how extensive the damage to all our favorite add-on providers is. 4) How does that affect YOU as a customer? The tool that was used to dump the pirate's information will never execute on your machine - unless you were the particular person targeted that used that set of data mentioned above. Even if only some of the data matched, the installer would receive a negative response from our server and never execute it. Safe-guards on our servers ensured there was no possibility that any user other than the one targeted would actually have his personal details compromised. Even so, we realize that it doesn’t justify even temporarily extracting it via the installer on people uninvolved with this situation – this was a mistake. 5) Realizations As I mentioned in the first paragraph above, I wanted to ensure full disclosure first and foremost to our customers, some of who feel their trust was violated. This was not our intention and we take full responsibility. What we now understand to have been an overly heavy-handed approach to our DRM installer efforts also meant that our support team strictly followed the instruction guidelines without being aware of the inclusion of DRM tools in any of our installers. I also want to reiterate there was no personal data sent or kept that would mean a breach of privacy, except for that subset of information regarding the web sites mentioned above. We have already replaced the installer in question and can only promise you that we will do everything in our power to rectify the issue with those who feel offended, as well as never use any such heavy-handed approach in the future. Once again, we humbly apologize!   19 FEB 2018   Lefteris Kalamaras

Alexandre Gabriel Gomes SILVA

*Verified Product User*

2018-01-07 04:56:44

Realmente este complemento é primordial para o FSX. Sem ele FSX não teria a magia que tem, parabéns ao desenvolvedor, fantástico.

Ole Henrik Gilbo

*Verified Product User*

2017-05-07 08:57:00

After trying to cross the pond from Dubai to Toronto 2 times, with CTDs, I decided to buy full version of FSUIPC4. And I must say, what an addon! Not only does it give u more options in terms of mapping ur gear (joysticks, rudderpedals etc.), but the great faeture of autosave really comes in handy for me!

Made a 3rd attempt in reaching Toronto, but got a CTD over the UK! Guess what? FSUIPC saved everything! EVERYTHING! PMDG 777: FMC-data, speeds, altitudes, correct fuel.... everything! Wow!

This, is a must! I cant imagine my sim without it!5/5 from me! :D

Eskil Dalenius

*Verified Product User*

2017-03-13 14:43:24

This is one essential item for every simmer. There is a free version as well, but this one gives you so much more. Never leave home without it!

Thorsten Kirchheim

*Verified Product User*

2016-12-31 11:35:43

Well, I skipped from x-plane 10 to Prepar3d V3, after trying to get my Saitek throttle quadrants working close to the A320 original in XP for around two month - without any major success, sadly. With P3d and FSUIPC it was just around 4 hours of work, then the thing was done. So if you really want your flight sim hard ware working close to the originals, FSUIPC is the product I would recommend. You can assign Flaps and Spoilers detents, independent engine lever settings (thus making use of assymetic thrust possible) and you also have the possibility to assign auto save in regular intervals. Well Done, Pete. Thanks for your efforts.

huang jia zhi

*Verified Product User*

2016-12-09 16:06:35




Robert Yunque

*Verified Product User*

2016-09-15 05:55:57

I have used FSUIPC now for probably about five years. I can't imagine flight simming without it. I use it for both FSX and P3Dv3.5.
With this tool, all your controller profiles will load with your aircraft.
For instance, if I'm using the A2A C172, my throttles are the vernier (pull type) throttles and they load and are set up correctly with all of my buttons and keys because of the profile in FSUIPC.
Then if I fly my PMDG 737, my throttles are the duel levers and it will load with all of my settings, buttons and keys, ready to fly.
With this tool available, I cannot imagine why anyone would use the axis, button and key settings in the P3D or FSX menus.

Dale Wong

*Verified Product User*

2016-09-12 13:43:49

I simply cannot use FSX/P3D with this tool. This tool is very handy for mapping your joystick, and with the auto-save feature, I could do a trans-pacific flight without worrying about my flight simulator crashing!

Hernando Gonzalez Echeverri

*Verified Product User*

2016-06-19 07:44:28

a good program for flight simulator, it is a good work from pete downson.

Luc Britten

*Verified Product User*

2015-12-09 12:27:10

Quite literally a game-changer. One of the essentials every installation of P3D or FSX needs.

Jude Bradley

*Verified Product User*

2014-02-23 17:26:22

Although I originally bought this to address issues in Windows 8, I have since reverted to Windows 7 and FSUIPC is still a valuable tool.
Thank you Pete.
Can't live without it.

Mike Smoker

*Verified Product User*

2013-09-25 01:17:27

I am one of the most stupid when it comes to programs and have spent many upon many hours trying to get FSX to do what I want not to mention all the times I have had to reinstall FSX and addons, but this is one of the best programs I have used so far.
The documents are, if you spend a little time reading them, very well written and easy to grasp.
That was the key here. Taking the time to read them. Once I started to understand how it worked I almost started to believe I actually knew what I was doing.
I can't believe I went so long without the registered version even though I was told by many that it would be well received.
Though you may not see this Pete Dowson-thanks a bunch.

Paul Scott Bartelt

*Verified Product User*

2013-01-29 10:51:51

I really didn't want to shell out another $32 on FSUIPC. I reluctantly bought it for FS9 back in the day and wondered how I lived without it. Then FSX came along and I just couldn't bring myself to buy it again and found other brute force methods to accomplish things. Six years on, I finally gave in and bought it to resolve some annoying inconsistencies in how addon makers implement key commands.

Yet again here I am wondering how I lived without FSUIPC... and that is just after one short hour of using it.

If you have been reluctant to get FSUIPC, like me, just give up and get it. You're agonizing over some of the best money you can sink into FSX. The only thing I use it for is customizing controls (axes and buttons) and for that alone it is worth the freight.

Sorry I waited so long.

Maarten Franken

*Verified Product User*

2013-01-18 14:02:16

I can write a very long story about what this tool can do, but simply put, if you're using switch panel controllers, this is a must-have! It makes assigning functions of your aicraft so much more flexible then the default userinterface, I'm amazed by what I can do, all for sudden.


*Verified Product User*

2012-02-28 11:36:27

This product really does NOT need a review since it is a MUST if you want to use sophisticated and personalized settings for your precious paid add-ons and equipment. Or of course if you want to smoothen and simplify the controls of your aircraft in Flight Simulator. Unlimited opportunities and settings to personalize and trim your FS and aircraft.

mark wyckoff

*Verified Product User*

2009-05-26 17:27:33

it is a very helpful tool,I would refer it to other people to use.



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