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  1. I know this is the most important section on the apllication form however I have no odea how to get into words what I want to say. I started by using the job description essential and diserable list of qualifications and experience than I wrote down my un edited answers nxt to it but I dont know how to put it into a readble document that will get me the job! I have all the experience there asking for. Ive copied and posted below to show you what I mean
    My bits underlined italic, i dont want it to be like i worked here where i dealt with complex situations and i worked here where i worked to dealdines/ Sorry for the essay I hope some ones able to help me!




    Educated to GCSE grade C or above (or equivalent) in literacy and numeracy
    Computer literate

    Customer service nvq 2+3

    Experience in Microsoft Office packages
    Clait and ecdl
    Knowledge and Experience


    Health and Safety

    General knowledge of office duties
    Worked in offices over 10 years

    Awareness of health and safety issues, risk management and data protection

    Working in an office you always have to be aware of hazards i.e when working in administration the boxes of invoice paper was sealed with plastic cords these had to be disposed of properly as presented trip hazards. Data protection is something Ove always worked with dealing with sensitive customer infomation

    1 year’s office experience either in a hospital setting or elsewhere

    Health and safety qualification
    Not got but happy to gain it


    Communication/ relationship

    Good command and understanding of English, punctuation and grammar
    Flexible team worker
    Ability to work under instruction
    Good communication and social skills
    Do this at the moment

    Ability to deal with complex situations

    Do this currently
    Ability to use own judgement or initiative after training / competencies agreed
    Do this already

    Proven organisational skills
    Ability to work to deadlines
    Done in past

    Computer literate in MS Word, Excel clait/ecdl
    Proficient in PAS or after training.

    Keyboard skillsgot

    Ability to concentrate in a noisy environment with interruptions
    Don’t know what to write here?
    Ability to deal with repetitive tasks such as filing in a Health Records environment do data input


    Able to professionally deal with occasional indirect exposure to distressing or emotional circumstances don’t know what to write but have had to deal with disressed people on the phone?
    Working Conditions
    May use VDU for long periods
    Some work may be required to be undertaken off site away from immediate department/team
    Currently use vdu already

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  2. Approach it the same way as a personal statement. Yes, you will probably end up having a good chunk of information; unless you're particularly good at writing succinctly.

    So for instance, your last point - already using VDU - can be shown by saying something like "In my current role, I use visual display units for a long period of time when logging incoming calls." This shows that 1) you understand what they want and why they want it, and 2) that you have that skill/experience so you know what you're coming into.

    I won't tell you everything that you put but you should make it flow and relate everything to the person spec. Where you haven't got the experience, it's ok to say "I don't currently have any NHS experience but I am passionate about patient care and feel this role would be the perfect starting point to a career in the healthcare industry".

    Is this a booking co-ordinator/receptionist role?

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