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Kenny Sebastian, stand-up comedian

My favourite teachers were my English teachers, Vasuvdatta and Jayashree. This was one of the few subjects I really liked because it promoted storytelling and creative writing. In the Central government school I studied in, my classmates had no interest in language — they only cared about maths and science. And even though there was lack of interest in class, the English teachers taught with so much passion. They inspired me towards acting and storytelling. They even let me talk most in class, when other teachers tried to keep me quiet!

We also had a very good physics teacher, and if I was not doing comedy, I would be doing astrophysics even though I don’t understand it!

H.N. Girisha, paralympian

I remember my teacher Lourde Mary in higher primary school (at Mariya Nagar near my village, Hosanagar) who was the first person to motivate me towards sports. There was a competition in our school to select students for inter-school sports meet to be held at Handrangi, a village in Arkalgud taluk. I was in class seven. Despite the impairment in my left leg, I participated in the high jump event and won it. Ms. Mary then recommended me for the inter-school event.

Though there were many students in the meet, she was there at the end of my event with a sachet of glucose. It was my first event, and I stood second. The credit should go to her. The inspiration and support I got from Ms. Mary motivated me to compete with able athletes and win.

N. Santosh Hegde,former Supreme Court judge andformer Karnataka Lokayukta

I have had the benefit of many great teachers, but the one that influenced me the most was Kalmanje Jagannatha Shetty (who went on to become the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court), my constitutional law professor at Government Law College. Without him, I would not have joined the profession.

I had then been studying law only to join some company that has a sports team that can allow me to pursue hockey. I was leading the hockey team for the college then.

But, Prof. Shetty took a personal interest in me and persuaded me to pursue law. I even joined his practice as a junior and he allowed me to appear in small cases. It was when I got injured playing hockey that he told me to concentrate on law. He was always there with his advice on how to go about cases and finer points of law. If not for him, I do not know what I would have become.

U.R. Rao, former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation

I have had many great people, colleagues to teach, inspire and guide me. Vikram Sarabhai (father of the Indian space programme) was my mentor for the Ph.D. It was he who encouraged me to take up the offer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where I did my post-doctoral work.

After my stint in the U.S., it was Sarabhai who wanted me to return to India and work in the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmadabad.

Mingling with such luminaries and Nobel laureates increases your confidence. I came from a poor family, and my father was just class 4 pass. In fact, he felt happy when an astrologer told him I will pass my SSLC! Confidence is not easy coming from this background, but I was encouraged through the process.

Naresh Bhat, HoD, Medicine and Gastroenterology, St. Philomena’s Hospital

One person who made the most profound impact on me was not merely a teacher, but my mentor, Dr. H.S. Bhat, who was a renowned urologist at St. Philomena’s Hospital when I joined as a fresh gastroenterologist in practice.

He very subtly ingrained in me commitment, responsibility and the art of communication with patients. He ensured through various humorous anecdotes and stories the importance of maintaining a high ethical standard in practice.

A simple formula that he taught me was: when in doubt about performing a certain procedure, ask yourself what you would do if the patient was your father or brother. This mantra of his has guided me through many difficult decisions. He also showed us how writing detailed notes was of great importance.

Dr. Bhat will remain the greatest mentor who guided me in the philosophy of clinical medicine and hence he is far more than a teacher but a father figure.

(As told to Mohit M. Rao, Sathish G.T. and Afshan Yasmeen)

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"Teacher, You Touched My Life"

It is because of you that I will, one day, be able to go on and become one amazing teacher. I thank you for that.

From the Teachers.Net Chatboard:
Look What A Student Wrote Me!

Posted by anonymous

Dear ***********,

It's the end of the school year! It's a time that I would normally be so anxiously awaiting; but not any more. For I know that by summer simply coming, I end up losing two of my greatest friends. You are one of them, and I'm pretty sure you can figure out the other.

The impact that you have had on me this year is inexplicable. You have affected and changed me in so many ways that it's hard to single a few out. Under your teaching, and your influence, I have become a kinder, nicer, and more caring person. I find that I am so much more thoughtful towards others and much less likely to judge.

You have changed the way that I think about mathematics. Sadly, I used to despise math, and it used to be my weakest subject. I just couldn't figure out how all those numbers really would take a role in my life, and after all they weren't anything important to me personally. Where would numbers get me? I now look forward to math class with great anticipation, and ever so infrequently do I get a problem incorrect. Through you I was able to acquire a love for math that I'm confident will continue to grow as I get older.

You have also changed the way that I think about myself. Through you I was able to obtain a higher self esteem and a higher opinion of myself. I am able to look into the mirror and for one of the first times ever, be proud of the person that I am. You believed in me, and that's all that I really needed. You took the time to care, and not only that, but you made sure that I knew you cared. That has made the difference.

You have changed the way that I think about teachers. Before you, I always respected my teachers, but I was never really aware of the amount of work a teacher puts into their job. Before this year, I never realized how much certain teachers cared, nor did I ever take the time to thank them. Before this year, I never really thought into the fact that a teacher was a person with a personality, and you could like the person that a teacher was and befriend them for it.

I wish that I could have seen this before, for I had so many great teachers before you, but I am glad that I was able to realize it for at least half of this year. It would have been a shame if I never would have seen it, for I truly would have missed out on some great friendships with some amazing people, including you.

I wanted you to realize though, that without you, I never would have seen any of this. Without you, I would not be the person that I am today.

I also wanted to tell you, even though it is incredibly hard to write this, that you have done even more. Around the beginning of the year, I began to fall into a deep depression. I began to feel as if nobody cared, as if I wasn't even wanted in this world. I felt as if I wasn't worth anything to anybody; that nobody would even notice if I was no longer here. During those times, what kept me going was the thought of Mrs. ***** and you because I knew at least you two cared.

Those nights, when I felt as if I was no longer wanted in this world, I would call the homework hotline, dial 646, and simply listen. I'm aware that this sounds corny, and I feel unintelligent writing this, but hearing your voice was enough to tell me that, at least if no body else did, you wanted to see me the following day. And when I would walk into class the next day, although you had no idea of what you had done for me the night before, you would smile and greet me, only confirming my belief.

I'm intelligent enough to realize that you greet almost every student and that you didn't treat me differently or most likely even think of me differently than others, but for me it meant everything. I felt as if these greetings, the smiles, and the comments were a way of you communicating to me that I was your favorite, and although these thoughts were way off and quite selfish, they were the thoughts that kept me alive. It was because you took the time to show that you cared, that I was well aware of it.

At times, I truthfully believed that you (along with Mrs. *****) were the only ones there for me; but you were enough to save my life. If it weren't for you, showing how much you cared, being there for me, and simply doing your job to the best of your abilities, I probably wouldn't be alive today. You saved my life. I can never repay you for that; even these measly thoughts barely express the amount of gratitude I owe you. It is because of you that I will, one day, be able to go on and become one amazing teacher. I thank you for that.

Beyond simply saving my life though, you have touched it. You have changed the way I think and the person that I am. You have done all of this by only doing your job. So if you ever think that you don't matter or that you don't make a difference, think again. You have most definitely made the difference to me, upon what I'm sure are many others. Although, I have stated this before� I admire you, for you are an excellent teacher. You do everything an average teacher does, which in itself can drive a person insane; and yet you still do so much more. You look to each student as if they are an equal; never really looking down on them, treating them with respect even though you were the one that deserved it.

You care about every student, and you are able to see the positive in every child that walks into your room. You try and motivate and inspire every student, never giving up, and in many cases because of your perseverance you succeed.

You are never afraid to be funny, or to be yourself in front of a class, and students appreciate that. Learning to be yourself is one of the first steps in becoming an outstanding teacher, and you have conquered that already. Your students like you, not only because you are a good teacher, but because you reflect your personality in your teaching, they are able to also like you for the person that you are.

Because of all this mentioned, I can never repay you. I could not simply buy you a gift and figure well that's it. I will never forget you. You are the teacher that made the difference, the teacher that inspired me, and the teacher that saved my life.

I will never forget, although you may have already, the one day when you made a comment to me that went something like this, "I wish I would have had a daughter, for then she could be as sweet as you." I wanted to let you know that, in many ways, you have become somewhat of a surrogate mother to me this year. The manner in which you nurtured, cared, and looked after me this year has meant so much, for I rarely see my own mother. She is often not home when I am, for her strenuous work schedule is to blame.

The comment mentioned above also meant so much to me, for if you, a truly kind, caring, and remarkable person, could say that I am sweet than you must really see something in me. And that got me thinking, if I respect you and admire you so much, and you are able to make remarks like that to me, then I must be special too.

You will forever remain my role model, most likely for the remainder of my life. I am confident that I will never forget you--even in the depths of my most troubled times. You will forever remain in my memories as the extraordinarily astonishing person you are, never to be faded or rubbed away.

I am crying as I write this, for I know that this is the end of a friendship--or maybe not. It might only be the beginning, for who knows what the Lord has in store. I can make one promise to you that I will never break, even when I am wrinkled and tired, whenever you need somebody, I will be there. Whenever you may happen to look skyward and think of me, I can promise you that no matter where I am I will be thinking of you too.

I will never forget all that you have done. I will never forget your presence, your existence, or your memory. I will never forget all that you have taught me, both mathematical and otherwise. I will never forget you. I can now say, with all honestly, after I've poured my heart and soul out onto paper, that I love you. I love you, and I always will.

Your Student, Friend, Admirer, & Fan

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