Egyptian Essay Conclusion


were recognized to be supplementary towards being ethical, mental, physical, and

spiritual figures. On the other hand, Mesopotamia’s major religion had gods and

goddesses that dealt more with natural phenomenon and the human body; that werethanked and blamed for natural occurrences and disasters that happened inMesopotamia: though when you look at the meanings of the Egyptian andMesopotamian gods and goddesses, they had the same meaning to them as the other society.

Government and society is different for every country, this also applies toMesopotamia and Egypt.

In Mesopotamia, because it was a land of multiple kingdomsand empires, there were many styles of political views, and these different politicalviews caused the want of control and to conquer their neighboring kingdoms. In Egypt,they had the upper Egypt and lower Egypt, but they were joined together during the timeof pharaoh Menes, they had pharaohs, the kings and rulers of the land that were said tobe gods sent to Earth in human form to rule and govern the people of the world.Though Egypt and Mesopotamia had something mutual about their socialunderstanding, they both had a patriarchal society; in which the males were dominantover the women and controlled their households.

The education and languages of Egypt and Mesopotamia is similar in more waysthan they are different 

. For one, both Egypt and Mesopotamia established formalschools in their civilizations to educate the people. The main difference between Egyptand Mesopotamia is their forms of writing and their languages. Mesopotamia haddeveloped the first known writing system called cunieform writing, then a later civilization of Mesopotamia had formed a twenty-two symbolled alphabet produced by

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